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Flight Operations & Dispatch Support

Easy & Individual
Flight Solutions for You

Flight Operations & Dispatch Support

About us

Lux Flight Solutions S.A. is a worldwide flight support company headquartered in Luxembourg with a branch office in Belgrade with a total of meanwhile more than 20 employees. The company was founded in 2010 in Schengen, Luxembourg by Peter Mühlberger. For further expansion the branch office in Belgrade was opened in 2018.We are specialized to provide the full Flight Operations, Dispatch and permit Support for general aviation as well as Executive Aviation, Cargo companies, charter airlines and scheduled operation.

Size doesn´t matter

Weather you just bought your own Beech Baron, or you started your AOC with one or two jets or turboprop or you are already an established company with a bigger fleet of cargo or 50-seater aircrafts for scheduled operation – we like to be your own dedicated 24/7 dispatch department to support your operation.

Dispatch Services

Our team is a group of experienced professionals with several years of field expertise, that give us the ability to anticipate your needs at the outset of a project. Thanks to our recognized flexibility, Lux Flight Solutions is able to attract customers by its effectiveness and guarantee that our services will meet or exceed the expectations. Advanced route planning, airway and airport slot management, runway analysis and collaborative decision making are just a few of the services that make Lux Flight Solutions Flight Services a proven leader in aviation solutions. We tailor flight plans to individual aircraft performance parameters ensuring accurate trip times, routes, and fuel consumption. Our Flight Operations Center assures permanent flight watch and immediate readiness. We also offer below services as a complement of mentioned ones:

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  • Computerized Flight Logs and ATC Flight Plans

  • Technical Flight Support
  • Landing and Overflight Permits
  • Airport Slots
  • Weather Briefings and Notams
  • Airport and Runway Analysis
  • Flight Operations Support
  • Ground Services Arrangements:

    • Ground Handling Arrangements
    • Catering
    • Hotel Reservations
    • Security
    • GroundTransportation Crew/Pax
  • Fuel arrangements
  • Flight Following
  • Flight Feasibility studies

Our Quality

Regular training keeps our staff up-to-date and familiar with new technologies and platforms such as Leon, Fl3xx, Aviator1, PPS, Foreflight, rocket route, etc. Our Team consists mainly of licensed dispatchers and we continuously train and develop our preparation and crew roster staff to get more of our employees licensed.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

50, Weinstrasse – L-5445 Schengen

TEL: +49 6898 49826 110
FAX: +49 6898 49826 119
E-MAIL: ops@luxflight.de

1st floor, Appartment nr.7
11030 Čukarica, Belgrade